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Calling all Liberty Republicans to activism on Constitutional Carry!

Posted: 2/3/21

Calling all Liberty Republicans to activism on Constitutional Carry! It is time, right now, to get active. Please do not wait any longer. Call, or email, your Texas State Representative and Texas State Senator.

Liberty people have been trying to get out Texas Legislature to pass Constitutional Carry for years, and through those years, Texas has fallen behind 16 other states in recognizing the people’s right to be their own first defenders.

Constitutional Carry is based on the premise that if a person can legally own a gun, the person should be able to carry it to protect themselves, without filling out extra paperwork and paying fees. The fees are unnecessary and onerous to working men and women who want to protect themselves, their homes, their belongings, and their families. 

When talking to your elected representatives, tell them you want House Bill 1238 passed. When talking to your senators, tell them you want them to vote for SJR 24, which is an amendment to the Texas Constitution filed by Senator Bob Hall, which would make a needed change to the Texas Constitution.

For years, the opposition has said allowing people to defend themselves would result in shootouts on the street. Yet since Alaska, the first state to pass a Constitutional Carry law in 2003, that has not happened. 

Even the CDC study commissioned by the Obama administration clearly showed that in America guns are used hundreds of times more often in defense of family, home, and property than for violence.

Don’t let Texas keep falling behind! Call or email your representatives today.