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The Liberty Blog

I Challenge You

Posted: 9/11/20

I am issuing a challenge to all Bexar Republican Liberty Caucus members, interested parties, and activists:

Influence five people to vote for candidates that will work toward Liberty Caucus goals. Bexar County has many good candidates downballot that need your help and support. Of those, 13 are running for judicial positions. Since they are not supposed to take sides on issues that may come before them, we have to base our assessment on past experiences. 

Remember which ones you get to vote for depends on which precinct you live in, so to check your specific ballot go to Bexar County Elections web page.

Fortunately, all the Republican judicial candidates have experience. One of the primary things to remember is when these candidates served on the courts, justice moved more efficiently and cost taxpayers less.

The Republican candidates for courts:

Chief Justice Supreme Court Nathan Hecht
Justice Supreme Court Place 6 Jane Bland
Justice Supreme Court Place 7 Jeff Boyd
Justice Supreme Court Place 8 Brett Busby
Judge Court of Criminal Appeals Place 3 Bert Richardson
Judge Court of Criminal Appeals Place 4 Kevin Patrick Yeary
Judge Court of Criminal Appeals Place 9 David Newell
Chief Justice 4th Court of Appeals Renee Yanta
District Judge 37th Judicial District Joseph P. Appelt
District Judge 144th Judicial District Melissa Skinner
District Judge 386th Judicial District Daphne Previti Austin
District JUdge 399th Judicial District Walden Shelton
District Judge 407th Judicial District Stephani Walsh

What other Republicans are on your ballot besides president and senator?

There are five different U.S. Congressional Districts in the area that have Republican candidates. Keeping our current seats and flipping a few will help change who is Speaker of the House. That’s Nancy Pelosi right now, so you should see the urgency. Whichever of the Congressional Districts you live in - this candidate needs your help - phone calls, blockwalking, putting up signs, working at the campaign office, donating, fundraising. 

US Representative:

CD20 Mauro Garza
CD21 Chip Roy
CD23 Tony Gonzales
CD28 Sandra Whitten
CD35 Jenny Garcia Sharon

Texas positions on the ballot also offer choices for people who can help advance freedoms on the state level. These campaigns also need your help. These candidates include:

Railroad Commissioner James “Jim” Wright
Member State Board of Education District 5 Lani Popp
State Senator District 19 Peter P. “Pete” Flores
State Senator District 21 Frank Pomeroy
State Representative District 116 Robert Litoff
State Representative District 117 Carlos Antonio Raymond
State Representative District 118 Adam Salyer
State Representative District 119 George B Garza
State Representative District 120 Ronald Payne
State Representative District 121 Steve Allison
State Representative District 122 Lyle Larson

Finally, positions that affect how Bexar County acts, how free we are, are held for County Positions. Two county-wide positions candidates:

Sheriff Gerard C “Gerry” Rickoff
County Tax Assessor-Collector Stephen David Pennington

Then Bexar County positions that depend upon the district you live in:

County Commissioner Precinct 1 Gabriel Lara
County Commissioner Precinct 3 Trish DeBerry
County Constable Precinct 2 Charlie Pena Jr
County Constable Precinct 3 Mark Vojvodich
County Constable Precinct 4 Larry Ricketts

When early voting opens Oct. 13 (and runs through Oct. 30) You need to be prepared, not only to vote, but to influence others to vote. If you cannot help at all before elections start, maybe you can volunteer to be outside a polling place encouraging voters to vote for specific downballot races. Many times these races could be won if it were not for undervotes.