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The Liberty Blog

Sept. 17, 2020, Constitution Day in a Pandemic

Posted: 9/17/20

I do not want to allow Constitution Day to slip by without remark when there have been so many challenges during the Covid19 pandemic. But what can I add to the topic that has been covered by Time Magazine, numerous other magazines and newspapers, law reviews, and both the Constitution Center and the Heritage Foundation?

What can I add that would top what Attorney General Barr said in his memo to the 94 US Attorneys?

I’m no scholar. I’m just an American who loves her country as a nation built on a remarkable document. A document that is supposed to be the foundation of our system of law and order. 

When churches were told to shut down, I sputtered about Freedom of Religion as much as the next person. It took courts and attorneys to explain it away… Not really a violation. Wasn’t targeted at churches - but for all large gatherings. And, oh yeah, you can do that on-line.

How do you do Baptisms on-line? How can we be free to associate, but not even allowed to visit our grandparents in nursing homes, or have a family barbeque on Labor Day?

When the City of Houston waited until the last possible moment to cancel the Republican Party of Texas State Convention, I, like many, wondered how it could shut down political speech while allowing “protests” under the auspice of political speech? Still wondering.

What criteria is set to determine which businesses are critical, and which can be forced to close? Many of those business owners lost their businesses because of government regulations without due process. And, frankly, much of what could stay open and what had to close seemed pretty arbitrary to me.

Not gun stores and ranges, though, it made perfect sense to me given the civil unrest and government backing rioters over police. Guns are more important right now than ever before in my lifetime. And if you are going to buy guns, or take them out of the safe to protect yourself in uncertain times, you need to be able to go to the range and train.

Some of the biggest battles are still brewing, including the power struggle between the President and Governors. The Tenth Amendment seems to back governors and local county and city officials in who determines what restrictions (like face masks, closures, and restriction of movement within an area) are appropriate. But what about personal liberty being shooed away under the CARES Act? You have no expectation of privacy if a federal agency, the CDC, can track everything you do and everywhere you go electronically.

Will we all be forced to take a vaccine?

There have already been some court challenges. I expect there will be more. I just hope we all can recognize the Constitution when this is all over.